03 July 2012

My School Essentials: Inside My School Bag

First off we have my pencil case which I got from Fully Booked a few years back.

My favorite black pen is from Muji! Since high school, I've always preferred fine tip pens as opposed to ballpoint ones because frankly, it works better with my penmanship. I also bring a bunch of other colored pens just for fun. I swear Muji pens are just something else.

Beside that is a coin purse I got with Nine West bag I bought a few years ago. This is always the heaviest thing in my bag. I get a sense of fulfillment whenever I pay the exact amount of my purchase so it's nice to know where I can find all my coins.

Next is my wallet which I got from Bauhaus. I got it on sale back when their Alabang Town Center branch just opened. I swear they have such pretty wallets! I got this one because I'm partial to quilted pouches. Plus the tassel give it a little character!

Next is my hand product pouch (for lack of a better name). I like putting my stuff in individual pouches to make rummaging around my bag much easier. This blue Estée Lauder pouch I got from my mom contains mostly hand stuff: Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream, Safeguard hand sanitizer and L'Occitane Lavander Hand Cream. Tossed in a little spray bottle of the Victoria Secret Wild One body spray in there because it doesn't fit anywhere else.

Then we have my earphone pouch which came with my JBL x Roxy earphones. If we're talking about audio electronics, JBL is definitely my favorite. Good thing they tied up with Roxy and release pink in-ear earphones! I also store an 8GB flash drive and my Smart Bro broadband stick in here.

Beside that is my school ID and a pack of Double Mint mints. The green one is my absolute fave!

The last pouch I have is my makeup bag. The Estée Lauder quilted pouch is from my mom too. I only bring four makeup items with me because frankly, I never touch up at school. However, when I do, I whip out my MAC Blot Powder, Benefit Cha Cha Tint lip and cheek stain, The Face Shop Concealer and my current favorite lip product, the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 77 Santal. I also have a Macbook mirror, a hair tie and a Denman pop up brush in here as well. The others stuff like Cellufresh MD Eye Lubricant (Green bottle for when my contacts dry up), Solo Care Aqua Contact Lens Solution (clear bottle) and Dolfenal are for emergencies.

Next up are my phones, my camera flash light/lighter and a super skinny umbrella.

You might notice the lack of paper products in my post. That's because being a college senior, I don't have as much classes as I used to. I prefer to lug around my iPad instead. It helps me save paper (and stay entertained).

What about you? What are your school essentials? :)


  1. Pretty pouches! <3 Ang cute ng mga things mo parang coordinated. :)

    1. That was unintentional! Haha

  2. Looooove your coin purse!!! Your earphones are too cute as well, all in pink. :D


    1. Yup! Definitely my style! Haha


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