05 July 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips + Instagram

I recently tried the Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish strips just for fun. I have to be honest though, I have never been a fan of stick-on nail polish. I figured I'd try this out because I liked the lacy pattern.

The box comes with I nail file, a wooden pusher and 16 nail strips. It's quite simple to apply, but the smell of the adhesive was a bit difficult to bear for me. All you have to do is look for a nail strip that fits each of your nails then stick it on! File off the excess using the peach part of the nail file. Easy enough right?

The major drawback I had with this product though was its longevity. Perhaps I should've applied top coat after application but since the instructions didn't tell me to do so, I figured I'd do without it. One of the nail strips slightly peeled off while I was washing my hair the day after application. A couple of days after that, some parts of the strips started to chip off.

Before I make a full on review of this product, I'll try it out one more time. With top coat this time! I heard that this product is supposed to be long wearing. As for now, trial number one gets a thumbs down.

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  1. i love lace nail art specially prints, the 3d laces look nice but im so messy so they will just fall off hehe


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